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GFK Co.,Ltd

GFK Co., Ltd. is evaluated as having built a new market by completing the development of a liquid fire extinguisher that solved the chronic problem of fire extinguisher that was invented 200 years ago. The gun type liquid fire extinguisher is operated in foam type and is more convenient and safe to use than existing fire extinguisher. Based on this, GFK Co., Ltd. has started to build a new market using the explosively growing Internet of Things (IoT)recently. It is aiming to distribute products that improve fire response power by alarming fire occurrence early by connecting detectors to fire extinguishers and wires. GFK Co., Ltd. provides innovative services in the fire fighting culture to alleviate fire damage. GFK Co., Ltd. products can suppress the A, B, C, and K type fires that other companies product cannot realize with one unit of smart fire extinguisher. This company is growing as a global company in name and reality by showing the products that children, women, the elderly, the disabled and anyone can use conveniently. GFK Co., Ltd. is building a fire fighting IoT platform based on this development. Currently, they plan to establish a branch of this project. “We are looking for those who will grow together for this purpose.” GFK CEO Mr, Lim said, "We want to contribute to the innovation of fire safety culture. We contribute to the improvement of the profit structure of branches and franchises by developing and spreading the automatic fire extinguisher and intelligent sprinkler system that utilize various patent fire fighting related technology, and wait for those who are interested in this business. “