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  • Alarm Valve with butterfly Valve(Grooved Joint Type)
    Magnetic reed switch type Alarm Valve Bubber disc Butterfly Valve Drain Valve for alarm test with built-in sight glass
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  • Deluge valves
    Deluge valves open to admit water through the main line when the pneumatic s upply pressure is removed or the solenoid valve is activated. Shingyoung Delug e valve is furnished fully factory-assembled and ready for installation at the app ropriate point in the system. Shinyoung deluge valve is a hydraulically operated valve, it requires a minimum line pressure of approximately 5 psig in order to fu nction. The valve functions on a simple principle of pressure differential. The lin e pressure at the inlet of the valve is bypassed through the pilot control piping t o the diaphragm chamber of the valve. The pressure works against the pressur e under the valve seat. Because the effective area of the diaphragm is greater t han that of the clapper, the valve is held tightly closed. As the solenoid valve all ows the pressure to bleed off the diaphragm chamber, the two opposing pressu res begin to balance and the valve will begin to open.
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